“The Hall of fame” of CDN

20 years invested in the conceptualization of products

Today, within the section of Loop cases, due to the 50th celebration of the Industrial Design Association (ADI) ‘50 years with design. 1960-2010, celebration we join and share our feelings with, I shall present the ‘Hall of fame’ of CDN (Competitive Design Network), our company specialized in the conceptualization and development of strategic products, which along with Loop Business Innovation, belongs to the CN (Competitive Network) Group I chair.

Along with Alvaro Quintanilla (currently in charge of CDN) we founded Competitive Design Network in 1990, during the full design boom and the Olympics; we are consequently celebrating our 20th anniversary.  At the beginning CDN excelled at a renewed and technological vision of the profession, we were pioneers in integrating 3D computer graphics to the professional practice, the internal development of engineering and the direct link with rapid prototyping. We have had the 3rd license in Europe (after Renault and Volvo) for the computer graphics simulation software Alias Wavefront, which we connected to the engineering softwares Pro Engineer, event that took place in 1994.To the integration of design and engineering practices, we shall subsequently add two innovative concepts resulting from the incipient globalization and digitalization: The Project logistics (where and how should be produced in the world?) and the ‘Llave en mano’ projects; from the idea to the markets.

Offices in Lisboa and Paris have joined our office in Valles Technology Park; later and after having entered a phase more based on knowledge, we purchased a French consultancy company for product optimization Alain Chauvet Consultants. We have also started our migration toward the strategic innovation that led us to formalize Loop Business Innovation as an independent activity in 2000. We have begun these 20 years of activity with an office full of technical drawing boards and drafting machines, then we filled our office with computer work stations and today we have a team in Argentina made up of 25 people who are in charge of developing the most mechanized part of our profession; both the demands of our profession and we ourselves have undoubtedly made considerable progress.

To be honest, I believe that we have been a relevant team in the format that the ‘Industrial Design’ profession currently has in our country; after these 20 years one of the aspects we take more pride in is the fact that we have actually managed to structure a solvent company with resources and one which is ‘above’ its founders.

We are also very proud of the clients with whom we have managed to work and build up loyalty, as well as of the projects we have launched for them. As 20 years is a long time and projects are no longer valid in the media, we have created the ‘Hall of Fame’, where we collect those projects that have marked a ‘turning point’ in the history of our organization and even in our clients’ and the sector’s history.

The ‘Hall of fame’ collects projects that we have done for companies such as Olivetty, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Steel Case, Braun, Vileda, Telefónica, REckitt Benckiser, among others. All these companies are world reference points with growing demands and they contract services of product conceptualization all over the world.

‘Hall of Fame’ also reflects our organization’s spirit of evolution and gradual improvement; which is undoubtedly our main forward-looking driving force.


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