The creation of a collaboration platform among companies

Case: Ceei Alcoy

Loop’s activity is focused mainly on providing services to the private industry; just on a few occasions we have done projects for public entities or for the public administration.

The project suggested by Ceei de Alcoy in collaboration with Ceei de Alicante y Elche constituted one of the few exceptions to the previous rule as a result of the quality and the novelty of the challenge.

The challenge consisted of creating a collaboration platform among multi-sector companies; it dealt specifically with joining different companies regarding size, sector and origin in order to collaborate in a common project within a recessive and restructuring setting. As a parallel project or activity, emphasis was put on transmitting a philosophy of detecting opportunities and training in business models and innovation by making use of two of our training tools: Innoexperience (methodologic transmission for business model detection) and the ‘Paradigm Island’ as a fun learning exercise to experience the implementation of a business model in a speedy fashion.

The companies selected from the 3 Ceei members were the following: Easylife (telemetry), Ineli (domotics), Kerajet (inkjet printing for the ceramic industry), Korott (pharmacy), Servyeco (water chemistry), Utiform (construction equipment), F7 (biometry), and Comersan (special textiles).

The first part of the project consisted of making an analysis of every integrating company’s knowledge stock; therefore Loop held a Knowledge Stock session company by company in order to detect and classify the knowledge units made up by each participant, thus ‘revealing’ each company’s most essential knowledge or expertise.

Later, the macro tendencies and more active trends within knowledge were analyzed, focusing on topics of C02, food traceability and water treatment and management. These 3 macro tendencies were split into diverse courses of action defining the evolution hypothesis and the application of knowledge affecting them; thus giving shape to performance or opportunity scenarios.

Each of the detected scenarios was compared with the different knowledge DNA’s making up the various companies, clustering four work groups comprising several companies according to each company’s knowledge and performance scenarios. Each of them contributed to the work group by providing knowledge ingredients, brand, channel or production processes.
The four opportunity territories defined were the following: Bulk traceability, C02 blankets, smart cleaning of special surfaces and ecological washing in joint ownerships.

The bulk traceability scenario is based on the need to define food traceability without packing or handling; the challenge consisted of defining a portfolio of products and services developing traceability from the garden or the field to mass distribution shelves, maximizing information and reducing packaging material.
The C02 blanket scenario joined the robotics sector with the gardening and nursery sector, having the need to regenerate urban or territory spaces. The solution involves making seed ‘sowing’ robots in biological blanketsfor their germination by creating an artistic, natural or advertising pattern and its introduction in public spaces.

The Smart cleaning of special surfaces works on the need to maintain and restore traditional city buildings at a low cost; therefore a robotics and cleaning consumable proposal was presented as it made this solution possible by previous planning andartificial vision recognition.
Finally, the Ecological Washing in joint ownerships scenario worked on a dry washing system of vehicles to be installed in joint ownerships.

The project and its lines of action were accepted and welcomed by companies, nowadays having diverse levels of development of each scenario. Later Loop developed different projects for the creation of collaboration platforms among companies in various areas within the state.



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