The ‘perfect’ Martini

The client, Bacardi –Martini, with its Vermouth Martini brand shares approximately 80 % of the vermouth market and 81 % of the Spanish market.

The positioning of Martini based on the sophisticated and ‘the night’ results in an unequal competition in another great consumption moment of vermouth: The midday aperitif, within the HORECA channel (hotel and catering business).

This difficulty is increased by changes in consumption habits and by the increase in new offers of parallel products, specially the introduction of the ‘House Vermouth’ concept and ‘Vermouth tap’ concept in the HORECA channel.

The previous two offers are positioned physically in the premises’ ‘bar’ in front of the consumer, acting as a constant reminder of the product; in front of our client’s ‘bottle’, usually located ‘behind’ the bar on the shelves, competing in space and branding with a great variety and offer of products.

Another aspect to highlight by competition products is the ‘house’ concept, which turns the premises’ owner into the main product opinion leader and endorser: ‘of the house, from my house, mine, first person recommendation.’

We face this project with the aim of capitalizing the Martini positioning of glamour, night and sophistication, for the midday consumption moment facing the challenge of occupying the front area of the premises’ bars without the need of performing previous works (installation, bar drilling, lower space use) and enhancing the consumption experience, fostering the organoleptic qualities of the product.

We approach the project by calling it ‘The perfect Martini’ and basing it strategically on the user’s observation, the unfulfilled experiences of use and on the strengthening of the consumption moment. On the basis of the client’s indications, the challenge consisted of defining a product vending machine that could serve Martini continuously at -0´7º, ideal temperature to taste all the properties of the product. Technically the challenge involved getting a vending machine of the product with the small enough power and size to be installed autonomously on the premises’ bars (the compressor implied a serious technical complexity).

Another challenge meant appropriating all the Martini iconography with all its media power; with this purpose we based ourselves on the Venice city memoir and the famous ‘Riva motor boats’ which are perfect icons of an age and a Martini life style. To achieve this goal, we introduced the motor boat steering levers, as well as the whole ‘vintage’ style of the product.

Within the challenge, we were not willing to quit the ‘Martini bottle’, another brand icon, so we resorted to the design of some product-specific bottles for vending machines, highlighting the branding and adapting it to the position of use.

The result of consumption tests was highly satisfactory, opening the project up to the customer’s international markets, strengthening the consumption moment and the brand image in the top line of consumption.


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