Inventia, from a patent idea, to the market

Rös´s, professional massage system by Bersys.

Inventors are, with no doubt, one of the most charismatic figures we deal with in our profession. In some cases, the inventor is a person “trapped” in his idea; this obsession causes that sometimes they concentrate in the idea’s detail rather than seeing the whole nature of its added value; for this reason there are few professional inventors that watch their idea as a possible business model and not as the way to solve the problem.

For all of them we created Inventia, a service combined modality between CDN and Loop, that analyzes the inventors proposals, focuses in the real axis of their value, expands the ideas into a product or service plan, relates them and connects them with the industry world and makes them produce and enter the market as a new referral. For our clients, Inventia is a window,  filtered, structured and ready to be exploited of fresh ideas; for inventors, it is a great acceleration channel and a way of focusing on what they really know: To create ideas and not to give up on taking the idea to the market.

Today we offer the first product launched within the Inventia modality, from a concept that was detected and developed in its essence by Bernard Domene (Bersys), a profesional physiotherapist that formulated a product and service proposal based on the observation of his professional experience and on the improvement of the obstacles and inefficiencies. The system, developed by Domene, consists of a rotational massage system that simulates the tactile massage, apllying a parallel heat with infrared focus; this system has been highly efficient among professional physiotherapies and aesthetic (cellulitis reduction).


Once the Inventia service (CDN- Loop) assimilated the essence of the idea, the first focus consisted of increasing its mechanical and functional efficiency, landing it in the concepts of  production, costs and logistic rationalization. Different prototypes modalities were made under Bernard Domene’s supervision until reaching the best solution.

At the same time, the essence of the idea expanded towards the possibility of taking it to an ecosystem (product, service and consumable), focused on the professional sector specificities, its usage and homologation exigencies and the final formalization in a wide product range.

Once the global vision of the final business model concluded, the patents and their robustness were reviewed based on the final format of the idea. Also, a benchmark of products was made, focused towards the solution or sector, with the purpose of delimiting a value and cost offer to first approach the market; 3 companies that were considered the most suitable to produce and to commercialize the new product were chosen.

Una vez seleccionada la empresa, se entablaron reuniones y negociaciones para la adaptación a la circunstancia específica de Rös´s del producto. Junto a su departamento de I+D se realizaron las adaptaciones finales del proyecto a nivel mecánico y electrónico y se definió la lista final de materiales y proveedores. Junto al departamento comercial y de marketing, se definió la lista de atributos finales que componían la oferta final de valor.

After various approach and rough estimate meetings, the more suitable company was selected: Rös´s. Once the company was selected, meetings and negotiations for Rös´s adaptation to the specific circumstance of the product were settled. Together with the I+D sector, the project’s final adaptations at a mechanical and electronic level were made and the final list of materials and suppliers was defined. Together with the commercial and marketing department, the final attributes list that composed the value final offer was defined.

The final result is Rös´s professional massage system by Bersys, Rollaction technology launched to the professional market to a great extent of adaptation and success.

As the process describes, Inventia tries to be the shortest and efficient way of the patent idea to the market.


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