Bb soup line for Gallina Blanca

iIdentifying consumption moments and turning them into products

The Bb soup line for Gallina Blanca is a project framed within a more global one focused on identifying consumption moments and turning them into product, with the purpose of increasing soup consumption outside the home; the project was done under the name ‘soups on the go’.

The project starts off from the brilliant success made by soups and stocks in carton packs; this concept of soup packaging and consumption had been gaining gradual acceptance by the market until it became an authentic base product for Spanish homes.

Before the launching moment, soup was one of the dishes that have offered more resistance to the food industry; housewives used to maintain the tradition of making their own soups and they were reluctant to consume finished products of stocks and soups.

The stock carton pack facilitated the consumption of stock as base for soup, elaborate dishes, rice, etc. ‘Soups on the go’ was focused on new targets, time slots and direct consumption moments for stocks and soups.

Having both the detection of new ‘consumption moments’ and the final usability of the Bb concept in mind, an observation work was done on users, their habits and processes. The resulting observations were crossed with studies of macro and micro tendencies in the world of food and habits outside home in the social, technological and economic fields. As a result of this crossing, various moments of consumption / product were identified and contrasted with the market at the level of concept; the soup line Bb is the result of this step.

The Bb line starts off as a product focused on ‘on the go’ or outside-home consumption, specially thought out to be consumed at work in single-use doses, which are ready for consumption.

Packages are specially thought out for this use, thus being compact and transportation-resistant, even in bags and briefcases, they are suitable to be heated up in a microwave, they have a double consumption option (spoon or directly) and they also have a top that allows the intermediate consumption of the product.

The package is displayed directly on the shelf; so apart from functions of use, typical ‘struggle for the shelf’ functions must be considered: attention capture, brand, nutritional and consumption information, etc.

The product is framed within market trends of a healthy and balanced diet but, at the same time, it is easy to consume and it is adapted to the city life, recovering the ‘usual’ recipes with an attractive and ‘ready for consumption’ final result.



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