My first Scalextric

How to expand a brand’s territory of opportunities

Who, as a child, has not wished to play with a Scalextric? And, what father has not thought about giving his son a Scalextric? … so they can play both together?

Our client, Tecnitoys, Scalextric brand’s owner, gave us the challenge to expand the brand’s territory of opportunities, beyond its present position in the market and also its position in the consumer’s mind.

In Loop we describe the “territory of opportunities” as the space (commercial, mental, of product, branding, of market position) where the product/ service activity is developed and the relation with the consumer. Mentally, we define the territory under an “umbrella” of value and by a phrase that condenses the client’s value in relation to the consumer; ex: father and son playing together. Under this umbrella, we trace a “red line” that properly defines the territory of opportunities: everything that happens inside it will add value to the brand’s supply; what happens outside will destroy it. Consequently, this mental line definition is fundamental for the future expansion.

The “territory of opportunities’” definition and landmark, allow us to holistically visualize and in a same level, all the client’s opportunities possibly of being developed; in this position we could consider, prioritize and schedule these opportunities’ development, (as we will conquer our territory of opportunities). In order to achieve this, we count on diverse tools: Corporate filters (what the brand/company’s owner is ready or not, to do), possible accelerating partners of the opportunity and the development’s calendar or tempo, fundamental for the consumer to understand the more advanced value proposals.

Under this outline and according to the brand’s aspiration for children and parents (described in the statement), we initiated the process. Scalextric is an authentic product and brand stereotype, a clear referral in the consumer’s mind. It is a great news for expanding the commercial possibilities to the maximum, it facilitates this; however, being so well represented in the consumer’s mind, makes the capacity of expansion difficult. It is like a tricycle, all we know what it is, if I put it a fourth wheel, it would be something very interesting, but will no longer be a tricycle.

We plan to occupy the lowest age-group, the one that, with the current product, is impossible to reach the user but, however, the buyer (parents) has a great memory of it. Consequently, we tried to lower the Scalextric essence to the target age, and we proposed “My first” umbrella and conceptualized the essence of a Scalextric: “eight” Circuit, cars, remote controls, two-people competition; we later adapted it to the usage target considering the ergonomics and the game’s presentation (without needing mounting and picking up). On this basis, the client made the final designs and adaptations.

Since Scalextric did not have recognition in the lowest age group, we proposed, for the first years of operation, the relationship with an “accelerating and legitimating partner” of the category: Imaginarium, defining the reference “My first Scalextric by Imaginarium.

The product received an excellent welcome by the market; recognizing the icon and its adaptation target; later, Tecnitoys developed My First category with own commercial life, giving it new concepts to the commercial area such as “My first driving school” and My first Ibertren.

My First, represents the variety expansion stereotype, considering the DNA of the original variety, the “memory” of parent’s usage experience, turning it into a sale impeller and having an accelerating partner that gave it brand and legitimization, changing quickly a novel concept into an important commercial success and into the settlement of a variety with important sales and new references.


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