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    Hot Secret


    One of the attitudes that define retailers consists of constantly thinking about products and services which can give satisfaction and solution to their target clients’ needs. On the basis of this pattern of action, the...

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    When a good product can create a category


    Comodynes: from the make-up remover napkin to practical cosmetics

    There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide. Comodynes...

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    Create usage experiences within the banking branches


    BBVA: Nonfinancial product’s sale in the banking branches

    If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket,...

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    Marcilla: Mixing tradition and innovation

    Logotipo Marcilla

    Marcilla Capsules for Italian coffee pot

     Sometimes, the great innovations that appear in the market, managed to set new consumption fashions that do not respond to the previously established habits nor to the consumers’ tradition but, despite their conceptual force, they...

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    Frigo – Cornetto Soft


    A new experience in ice cream consumption

    In my opinion, innovating in the mass consumption sector is one of the most complex challenges of this profession; there are many exogenous factors to the concept itself that may elevate or bury it. The...

From “made in Spain” to “thought in Spain”

16 Jan 11 icoEmpresa
In the 70’s and 80’s Europe was undergoing a period of strong industrial development and expansion, and the Spanish way of life was not too well perceived by our European neighbors. Today, on the other hand, with a well-developed industrial sector and a focus on services, Spain is admired and envied. Industrial products such as ceramics (Porcelanosa), democratic luxury (Puig, Lladró), footwear (Yanko, Camper, Pielsa), services in the “good life” food sector (Freixenet, Chupa Chups, Borges, etc.), have experienced spectacular development in the last decade.

Sintal, how to diversify a SME’s product?

Sintal is a SME located in the locality of Estella (Navarra), the company initiated its activity making television antennas: the typical ones that covered the houses’ tile roofs and conformed many cities and localities’ landscape. In response to the TV antennas market, Sintal equipped itself with a productive and technological structure based on a cold...

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26 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos
  There are stereotyped and consolidated products within our society and consumption habits that have become a referral in our lives. This is a great competitive advantage for these products’ survival since they are naturalized at the consumption moment, but at the same time they enormously condition their evolution. It is difficult for them to...

The 3 most popular threads in the history of this blog

20 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos
Hello everybody, thru this post I want to tell you about the 3 most popular threads in the history of this blog.

Inventia, from a patent idea, to the market

18 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos
Rös´s, professional massage system by Bersys. Inventors are, with no doubt, one of the most charismatic figures we deal with in our profession. In some cases, the inventor is a person “trapped” in his idea; this obsession causes that sometimes they concentrate in the idea’s detail rather than seeing the whole nature of its added...

The creation of a collaboration platform among companies

13 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos
Loop’s activity is focused mainly on providing services to the private industry; just on a few occasions we have done projects for public entities or for the public administration. The project suggested by Ceei de Alcoy in collaboration with Ceei de Alicante y Elche constituted one of the few exceptions to the previous rule as...

Biomet: Surgical set for prosthesis

When business model, function and form are one. It is said that “the clothe makes the man”; it is a way to refer to an excellence circle, when all the actors of a process feed back for its improvement. Medicine and surgery in particular are a great excellence circle; generally investigations and improvements end up resulting in “better practices” of a whole group.

My first Scalextric

28 Oct 10 icoAnálisis de casos
Who, as a child, has not wished to play with a Scalextric? And, what father has not thought about giving his son a Scalextric? … so they can play both together? Our client, Tecnitoys, Scalextric brand’s owner, gave us the challenge to expand the brand’s territory of opportunities, beyond its present position in the market...

The creation of a new category for Zumex

20 Oct 10 icoAnálisis de casos
I have once heard the following comment: We live in a society in which if you are 2.10 m tall, you have good chances of becoming a social misfit; except if you play basketball! in which case you would stand a good chance of becoming a society star. The value is also a matter of...

“The Hall of fame” of CDN

14 Oct 10 icoAnálisis de casos
Today, within the section of Loop cases, due to the 50th celebration of the Industrial Design Association (ADI) ‘50 years with design. 1960-2010’, celebration we join and share our feelings with, I shall present the ‘Hall of fame’ of CDN (Competitive Design Network), our company specialized in the conceptualization and development of strategic products, which...

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