(Español) Loop participará en la Jornada de ADEGI para la industria de bienes de equipo

29 Feb 12 icoLoop-CN

(Español) Las empresas de bienes de equipos poseen activos muy importantes a nivel de conocimiento que muchas veces cuesta poner en valor frente al mercado. Loop Business Innovation propone una visión clara y práctica para las empresas del sector que presentará en las próximas jornadas de ADEGI del 6 de marzo.

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How to reposition a classic? “El Casco”

Logo el casco

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects.  They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture. The fact that most of these products...

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Marcilla: Mixing tradition and innovation

18 Feb 11 icoAnálisis de casos
Logotipo Marcilla

 Sometimes, the great innovations that appear in the market, managed to set new consumption fashions that do not respond to the previously established habits nor to the consumers’ tradition but, despite their conceptual force, they managed to commercially succeed. A clear example of this, is the coffee and the triumph of the mono-doses concept. Regarding coffee, the south of Europe...

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Roberto Verino, redefining the value and the opportunity

El modisto Roberto Verino empezó su andadura profesional en 1982, presentando su primera colección prêt-á-porter, en 1983 abrió su primera tienda en París y en 1992 abrió la primera en Madrid, significando el inicio de su expansión. Actualmente Roberto Verino es una de las firmas de moda más relevantes de España, opera en más de 20 países y su marca está ampliamente diversificada.

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‘Alfa’ food preservation

27 Jul 10 icoAnálisis de casos

‘Alfa’ is undoubtedly one of the brands with the greatest history and recognition within the Spanish market. Originated in Eibar in the Basque Country and having developed its activity for more than 80 years, the popular ‘Alfa’ sewing machines have become part of our daily and iconographic history; its products, brands and advertising campaigns have become a referent of our design, marketing and advertising.

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TAU, S3 (Smart, Surface, System). New model

19 Jul 10 icoAnálisis de casos

Tau Cerámica (Taulell, S. A) is a leader company in the manufacturing and distribution of pieces of pottery located in Castellón, it is well known specially as a result of its focus on innovative and advanced products as well as the sports sponsorship developed with Basket Basconia and in competitive sailing.

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Bb soup line for Gallina Blanca

10 Jul 10 icoAnálisis de casos

The Bb soup line for Gallina Blanca is a project framed within a more global one focused on identifying consumption moments and turning them into product, with the purpose of increasing soup consumption outside the home; the project was done under the name ‘soups on the go’. The project starts off from the brilliant success made by soups and stocks...

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Rusticae ‘charming hotels’

Our client, Rusticae, is a hotel-quality club which has more than 200 hotels with a field-and-town character in which unforgettable experiences can be gathered. The company’s motto perfectly defines its activity: Rusticae ‘The goodlife company’.

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The ‘perfect’ Martini

25 Jun 10 icoAnálisis de casos

(Español) El cliente Bacardí –Martini, con su marca de Vermouth Martini representa aproximadamente el 80% del mercado de vermouth y el 81% del mercado español. El posicionamiento de Martini basado en lo sofisticado y “la noche”; hace que compita en desigualdad de condiciones  en otro de los grandes momentos de consumo de vermouth: El aperitivo  de medio día, dentro del canal HORECA (hostelería y restauración).

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Frigo – Cornetto Soft

11 Jun 10 icoAnálisis de casos

In my opinion, innovating in the mass consumption sector is one of the most complex challenges of this profession; there are many exogenous factors to the concept itself that may elevate or bury it. The strategy for the sector leader is not the same as the strategy for a follower or for the wholesaler brand; and neither is it when...

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